Starring Elizabeth Debicki (Night Manager, The Great Gatsby) and Matthew Le Nevez (Offspring), season one of the Australian TV drama The Kettering Incident will be available on Amazon Prime Video to U.S. subscribers from September 30.

As reported by the Mercury, the mysterious and dark drama show won a Special Jury Prize at the Series Mania Festival in Paris, France and was co-created by writer Victoria Madden (previously involved in Trial and Retribution, Halifax FP and The Bill) and producer Vincent Sheehan (The Rover, Animal Kingdom and The Hunter.

The entire show was shot in Tasmania, Australia.

Mysterious lights and disappearing people head to Amazon Prime Video

Dubbed by some as Australia's Twin Peaks, the story tells the tale of London-based Dr. Anna Macy (played by Debicki), who left the town of Kettering in Tasmania when she was 14 years of age, after her best friend, Gillian Baxter, disappeared in strange circumstances. The teenagers had been playing in the forest when they saw mysterious lights in the sky. Fast forward eight hours and Anna was discovered alone and terrified, covered in blood, with no sign of Gillian.

Fifteen years later and suffering from fugue states, Anna finds herself back in Kettering. The town isn’t quite as she remembers, as its inhabitants are now struggling for survival. The town of Kettering relies on the foresting industry for its survival and now everyone is on edge, with violent clashes between environmentalists and local loggers. What makes the locals really take notice of Anna’s reappearance in Kettering is that yet another girl suddenly disappears under mysterious circumstances.

This prompts Anna to try and find out exactly what happened on the night Gillian disappeared and in the process - with the help of Le Nevez as Detective Brian Dutch - uncovers secrets threatening both her life and the future of Kettering itself.

Amazon Prime is the perfect home for The Kettering Incident

According to Variety, Matt Forde of BBC Worldwide North America announced recently that following the successful launch of The Kettering Incident in Australia, they are now bringing the exciting drama series to Amazon Prime Video for U.S.

audiences to enjoy. Forde pointed out that two of the BBC’s other popular programs, Doctor Who and Orphan Black are already available on the service and they believe it is the perfect home for the Tasmanian drama.

Other main cast members include Henry Nixon as Officer Fergus McFadden, Damon Gameau as Jens Jorgenssen, Alison Whyte in the role of Deb Russell, Katie Robertson as Sandra Hull and Kris McQuade as Dr. McKenzie. The show was originally commissioned by Foxtel and was produced by Porchlight Films together with Sweet Potato Films. Producers are Vincent Sheehan, Andy Walker and Tasmanian writer Victoria Madden.

Many were upset that season one of The Kettering Incident had a cliffhanger finale and are hoping season two will be a reality after the release of the show to U.S. audiences on Amazon Prime Video from September 30 this year.

Enjoy a brief sneak peek into The Kettering Incident in the trailer included below.

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