Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray find love on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. Ever since Josh walked in the door, Amanda and Josh have been together. Now her ex, who happens to be the father of her children, is speaking out. The things that Amanda's ex is saying makes it sound like she might have picked love over her children. Life & Style got the chance to talk to Nick Buonfiglio and get his side of the story. 

What did Nick Buonfiglio have to say? 

Nick explained that the girls might not be Amanda's main focus right now.


He said, "Before Bachelor in Paradise, they had never been to daycare. Then, as soon as she comes back... they're in daycare full-time." This could be because Amanda is busy with Josh Murray or it could be the fact that Amanda has something going on for work or the show that is keeping her busy. Nick made it pretty clear that he is not okay with the girls being in daycare all day. So far, Amanda isn't sharing why she made this decision.

What is going on with Amanda and Josh?

According to Reality Steve, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton end up engaged at the end of the season.

Josh is already living in Orange County with her, so this could be what is keeping her so busy every single day. Josh and Amanda have not been shy about their relationship either. They have been spotted out more than once, but they are taking her girls with them. This shows that Josh and Amanda are spending time with them. 

If Josh and Amanda decide to move back to Atlanta where he is from, it might be pretty hard to get Nick to agree to do this and let the girls go.


He is the one who keeps them while she has been off filming reality shows. It is obvious that he is very involved in their lives.

Are you shocked to hear that Amanda Stanton has put her girls in daycare? Do you feel like Nick is really upset that she isn't focusing on them all the time? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday night each week on ABC.

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