Amal Alamuddin is reportedly pregnant with her first child with husband George Clooney. If reports are accurate then this is the news that George and Amal fans have been anxiously awaiting. New celebrity news reports claim that Amal is in the very early stages of pregnancy and there is no evidence of a baby bump at this time, which could explain why an official announcement has yet to be made.

Is George Clooney going to be a daddy?

Sources close to Amal allegedly have leaked the baby news, and describe her as being, "over the moon with joy." but plans on keeping the news out of the media as much as possible.

However, it appears to be a tad too late for that. So just how does George Clooney feel about becoming a father? Clooney, 55, has made no secret that becoming a father is not a priority for him, which is one of the big reasons George and Stacy Kiebler broke up several years ago.

That being said, though, Amal does seem to carry some sort of magic spell over George, after all, she did get the most sought afterbachelor to marry her when no other woman could. Now if she really is pregnant then it would be miracle number two for Amal. Hopefully, a baby will be considered a blessing by both,and not become an issue between the couple because he was not ready to become a father. It would also mean some major changes coming to the couple's lives, especially for George.

Will Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney's marriage survive kids?

Jet-setting across the world to hang with his pals and party will become a problem for George especially when daddy duties call. Unless Amal is the kind of wife who will not mind keeping the home fires burning, and taking care of baby Clooney on her own, while daddy is out continuing to have the time of his life.

Even if the latter is true, how long will Amal be willing to sit back and allow George to have the best of both worlds before arguments arise and Amal throws divorce talk into the mix? Hopefully, this will not become a giant wedge that drives the now happily married couple apart. What do you think, do you believe Amal Alamuddin is really pregnant with her and George Clooney's first baby?

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