Will the Alaskan Bush People go on without Matt? It seems this is a possibility as it looks like the eldest Brown family member may not sign back on with the show. There are a few speculations as to why this may be the case today and if you are a fan of the show, you might say that the writing was most definitely on the wall.

Matt not signing back on?

According to Movie News Guide"there are speculations" that Matt has already finished up his rehab. Although he did extend his stay longer than the family expected, it appears as if he is done with the in-patient treatment.

While there is no official word from either the Discovery Channel or the Brown Family, regarding the future of Matt on the show, Movie NewsGuide believes it is one of two reasons why Matt may not come back. If Matt doesn't return, it could be for health reasons. He is going to need some type of out patient treatment, maybe even AA meetings and those aren't abundant out in the Alaskan bush.

Matt's too much of a reminder

The second reason they suggest comes from a possible negative aspect for theDiscovery Channel if they did have Matt come back.

It could be that by putting Matt back on the show it would be too much of a reminder that he really isn't someone who has lived in the Alaskan Bush to the point of sacrifice. He has given into some of the outside world's enticements and this isn't keeping within the premise of the show.

Alcohol in the bush

Matt's problem didn't just pop up, so it seems that this reality show wasn't showing all of Matt's escapades outside of the Alaskan Bush People's boundaries of filming.

In another Movie News Guide article they talk about how documentary-type reality shows like the Alaskan Bush People are either fake or not firmly planted in the truth.

It was interesting to watch the Brown family visit the lower 48 states because they seemed so blindsided by the modern world. This was the same type of entertainment you derived from watching the characters in Back to the Future as they discover all sorts of new modern marvels.

'Back to the Future'-like revelation in the modern world

There was a movie plot forBack to the Future, but you cannot do the same thing with a reality show and expect people to fall for it. Movie News Guide calls this type of astounding discoveries seen coming from the Brown family as nothing more than "nonsense." They've more than likely have seen it all before. So maybe now that Matt's life has been carefully investigated and old girlfriends interviewed, he is too much of a reminder that theAlaskan Bush Peopledoknow how to turn on a TV and they've probably nuked themselves a few burritos in their day.

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