There are some big changes in the works for the Alaskan Bush People for next season, with some of those changes happening with Joshua "Bam-Bam" Brown, the second oldest child of the Brown clan. It looks like it's the real deal for Bam when it comes to love and he describes his girlfriend Ali as his "favorite person in the whole word" on his Facebook page. It appears the Alaskan Bush People show brought more than fame to Joshua and once you learn what else came to Bam by way of this reality venue, you'll be surprised!  So just where and how could Bam meet a woman while living out in the bush?


Office romance in the bush

For those of you wondering where Bam had to go to meet Ali, you might be surprised to know he didn't have to go anywhere, she came to him! The new love of his life is Allison Kagan and she is a producer on Alaskan Bush People. Joshua's mom Ami, who was so concerned about her boys meeting suitable mates that she once got in touch with a matchmaker for her sons, didn't have to look far for Bam's perfect mate this time around. Ali was behind the scenes of the show.


Bam and Ali take New York City?

Recent pictures of Ali and Bam in New York City during a three week vacation were posted on Joshua's Facebook page and the two look quite cozy together. The rest of the Brown family weren't in tow, it was just the two of them this time around! Just where this relationship is headed will more than likely be revealed on the next season of the Alaskan Bush People, but from what Joshua posts it sounds like cupid has hit him hard!.

Check out the picture below of Bam and Ali at a New York City bar having a bite to eat and maybe a cool beer to wash it down.

So will the Alaskan Bush People show's producer suddenly become part of this reality cast of characters? It will be so interesting to hear how the two started to feel a connection while working on this show together. It started out with Bam in front of the cameras and Ali behind the scenes, this is one thing the fans know for sure! Here's another photo of Bam and Ali, this one is a selfie that he posted on Facebook just a few days ago.

Will the new season bring newlyweds?

With the Alaskan Bush People already such a popular show, knowing that the next season will bring a romance blooming for Bam will not only bring the die-hard fans back, but maybe some of the ones who have dropped off through the seasons. One thing you can say for sure, Ali isn't walking into this family blind to their quirks and antics! Another question that's been thrown out there online... are Bam and Ali already married? It seems a ring on Joshua's wedding ring finger has triggered that question.


Will the new season have more surprises in store, like a newlywed couple in the Alaskan bush?

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