The Alaskan Bush People show was listed as renewed for the 2016-2017 season, which was posted back in March. Then in May the new season aired. Nothing has been said about the renewal of the show for the 2017-2018 season which is in the timeline where a new season of the show would sit. New reports that put the Alaskan Bush People as renewed are going off the old Discovery Channel's renewal announcements, as that season has come and gone!


Is that an old announcement?

Now this doesn't mean that the Alaskan Bush People reality show is canceled, what it does mean is that it is just too early to post the renewal announcements for a coming 2017-2018 season. Networks are just now starting to announce renewals for that new season of TV shows, as seen on The Big Brother Network, which is announcing Big Brother will be back for the 2017-2018 season.


According to many of the articles online this week, this Brown family show has been renewed, according to The Inquisitr. Are they basing their news on the announcement from the Discovery Channel back in March, which appears to be the announcement of season 4 and not a pending season 5?

Season 4 of the Alaskan Bush People aired on May 6, 2016.

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Reality TV

If the folks behind the Discovery hit show decide that there will be a new season, this would be their 5th, but this has not been announced yet, according to Premiere Date TV, which updates daily if there is news of a renewal. Despite the buzz about this show being scripted and more fake than real, you have to admit some of the portrayals of these characters are a scream! Like the one below with Matt Brown.

Cleaning house of 'fake'?

If the Discovery Channel holds true to how they've traditionally announced the renewal for the last four seasons, then fans have to wait a while to get the official word. But there is still a chance of cancellation. So why is this show that follows the Brown family around the wilderness in jeopardy of being canceled?


It is more than likely not because Matt has a problem with alcohol and it's more than likely not because Billy and Bam had legal problems. If they so choose to cancel the show it will probably have to do with a promise made by Rich Ross, the head honcho over at the Discovery Channel.

When Ross stepped into his position back in 2015 he promised to do away with the fake Discovery venues, like the two-part show on mermaids and the documentary on Meglodon: The New Evidence. He has promised to bring the Discovery Channel back to shows that are scientifically sound and based in reality.


While the whispers of the Alaskan Bush People show being fake have been festering through a couple of seasons, it was just recently learned that much of the show is scripted, even Browntown is a shanty-commune erected for the show. It was also revealed that the Brown family stay in a hotel in town while filming the show. This might fall under the "fake" category that Ross promised to do away with. While the reality show is still popular, it has taken a major dip in ratings this year, so it appears that it is not as popular as it once was. According to Movie News, the Alaskan Bush People reality show might just be on the chopping block because it is not as based in reality as once thought.

Spinning old into new

News from the Alaskan Dispatch today reports how some of the scenes recently airing on TV of the Alaskan Bush People are not new, they are actually old scenes. The article suggests the people behind the show "deserve an Emmy" for making old footage look new again! So... the Alaskan Bush People show has not been renewed as of yet for season 5. There hasn't been an official renewal announcement for many shows across the vast array of networks, so it doesn't mean that it will be canceled, it just means that the fans have to wait!

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