Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus at the moment, but while fans of the Brown family are waiting for the new season, Discovery Channel is entertaining fans with numerous videos.

Apparently, keeping viewers’ interest in the Brown family is working. According to the latest report from TVbytheNumbers, the Brown reality television family is still among the top favorite Discovery Channel shows even when it comes to reruns.

As of last Friday, Alaskan Bush People was rated number 10 out of 100 cable shows watched by adults ages 18 to 49. The series about the Brown family living in Alaska’s wilderness scored right after The Big Bang Theory.

The wildest member of the Brown family

The most recent Alaskan Bush People video published by Discovery Channel on Facebook and Twitter is about getting to know the wildest member of the Brown family.

While many fans expected Matt Brown or Bear to receive the title of being the most energetic member of the family living in the Alaskan wilderness, it turns out that neither one of the two guys made it. The title for being the wildest member of the Brown familyactually goes to Mr. Cupcake, the dog.

A behind-the-scenes look at the Browns

The video showing Cupcake as the wildest member of the Alaskan wilderness family is interesting because it shows many behind-the-scenes shots of how the reality television show is made.

Anything the Brown family members say or do in the alleged isolated Alaskan outback, of course, has to be filmed by someone else.

If you stop the below video right at the beginning of second seven, you can see a cameraman filming the wildest family member.

At second 32, you can see the production team cracking up as Mr.

Cupcake shows just how “lovable” he is. Apparently, the Brown family dog does not only like to pick on the production crew members of the reality television show but also on the Brown cast members, especially Bear who serves excellently as a chew toy.

As Alaskan Bush People Brown family member Gabe says in the above video, it is definitely true that Bear is Mr.

Cupcake’s favorite chew toy, and the behind-the-scenes shots of the reality television show can attest to that.

Michelle Cosco, the assistant cameraman for the reality television show, states that every time Bear runs, “which is always,” Mr. Cupcake wants to join in on the fun.

Apparently, while Mr. Cupcake has found a purpose for each one of the Brown family members, he still has to get used to the production crew filming the Alaskan wilderness family.

However, as Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown admits, Mr. Cupcake is probably never going to change, it’s just not in his personality.

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