Alaskan Bush People has not been cancelled by Discovery, and most recent news reports stating that the show will not return for another season are based on nothing that has been confirmed or even hinted at in any way by the network. In fact, Discovery Channel has continued to provide fans with reruns of Matt Brown’s family while the show is on hiatus. Most importantly, the network proudly announced the reappearance of Alaskan Bush People when it announced the lineup of its 20 new series and 22 returning series for 2016-1017.

What Matt Brown's family cancelled rumors are based on

Matt Brown's family is reportedly in danger of being cancelled because Matt has been dealing with a drinking problem and Joshua Brown is in a relationship and apparently deeply in love with Allison Kagan, the show’s Supervising Field Producer.

However, neither Matt Brown nor Joshua Brown appear to have violated any rules of being a reality television star, and whether it comes to alcohol or love, Discovery does not expect the two oldest Brown sons to be non-human.

The reality behind the rumors

In addition to Discovery already having announced the renewal of Alaskan Bush People for another season, the Brown family appears to have returned to Alaska to continue their filming. Joshua Brown, who just spent three weeks in New York City, is apparently back on the job, and Matt Brown, who has spent the summer taking care of his own needs, is nearby. Matt Brown has been spotted in Juneau, Alaska, just a few miles away from where the Brown family is continuing their filming for the new season.

What fans and millions of viewers think

In contrast to news reports that Alaskan Bush People might be cancelled because the two oldest Brown sons are pursuing a life away from their reality television show, fans and viewers around the world are expressing their support and admiration for the Brown family and their children.

In regard to Matt Brown, fans admire Matt’s honesty and courage to face his drinking problem and are expressing their love and support in dealing with his post-rehab journey.

As for Joshua Brown, fans could not be more excited. How awesome is it for a 31-year-old man to find true love and especially with someone who shares so many of the same interests?

If anything, the latest news about the Alaskan Bush People Brown family members has fans and viewers even more excited and looking forward to the new season. As for how the new developments in the lives of Matt Brown and Joshua Brown will be incorporated into the show -- viewers will certainly stay tuned.

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