It appears that the reality show- theAlaskan Bush Peoplemay be closer to cancellation than first realized, according to the latest reports. This is not the official word coming from the folks who bring the Alaskan Bush Peopleinto your home each week, but some say the writing is on the wall. The latest buzz suggests that all you need to do is look at the clues coming from the show itself to realize they are on their way out.

Friday night clue

When this reality show first appeared it was a hit, as curiosity about a family living in the wild for 30 years conjured up many viewers and the charisma of the rather quirky Brown family kept them coming.

They were a Wednesday night show in a prime time viewing slot and the Alaskan Bush People took a big chunk of the ratings for the night, giving the Discovery Channel a big hit. The video below shows just how much effort and work goes getting the episodes of the Alaskan Bush People to the TV set each week!

According to the Inquisitr, the Alaskan Bush People being moved to Friday night from its Wednesday night time slot was a big clue as to the future of the show.

Although you might think Friday night might be the better of the two nights for TV viewing, that's not the case for the age range of the population that watches this reality show and in turn made the Brown family famous. So why is Friday night a step out the TV lineup door?

Who knew?

The 18-34-year-old demographics, which is the population highly coveted for TV shows, is not the population that is usually in front of a TV set on Friday night.

It is the end of the work week and they have all sorts of other activities going on, with TV viewing left for Sunday through Thursday nights. The two nights, Friday and Saturday, tend to be the nights that see lower TV viewing. The 18-34-year-old population is out of the house and letting off some steam built up by the work week.

With that said, Friday night is the transition night for TV shows, traditionally it has been the final step when it comes to a viewing time slot before being put out to pasture.

While the Alaskan Bush People still have a following, their numbers have dropped. In July they dipped to 0.6 from a 0.7 in Friday night ratings.According to the Australian Network, it was Matt's addiction problems and the health problems of Billy that left a cloud hanging over the future of the show. Not knowing what to expect by the way of cast members being available is a hardship casting wise.

Billy and Matt up in the air?

With Billy's health problem and Matt's rehab stay extended, the show was left in limbo as to how to plan for the future. Billy and his eldest child Matt are probably the two most popular characters in the Brown Family and withoutthem,the future of the show is ambiguous at best.

So it could be that the move to Friday was just a way of keeping the show alive as the health problems of these two play out. Again these reports are purely speculation as nothing official about a cancellation has come down from the show's producers.

The controversy surrounding the show continued through the seasons. This was a show originally sold to the audience as a family living in the Alaskan bush for 30 years, but as time went on information surfaced to indicate that wasn't the case. While they had lived in the bush at one time, the show basically recreated that time for the purposes of a TV show.

Whether or not the Brown family has another season left in them, there's one thing for sure... if they shoot another season, they will have the audience no matter what night they plug them into.

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