Chatter that Alaskan Bush People will be axed from Discovery's reality show lineup is quickly gaining momentum. Now that the show is over for the season, speculations about its future are growing. With all of the negative publicity the program has drawn, fans have reason to question if it'll be back for another season.

Discovery hasn't confirmed renewal of Alaskan Bush People

The Discovery Channel hasn't confirmed if the show will be renewed or canceled. Morning Ledger emphasized that Discovery's new chief, Rich Ross, was on a roll doing away with shows that were "fake." Those shows includedMermaids and the Shark Week‘s highlights on Megalodon.Ross' track record poses a good question.

Will Alaskan Bush People be axed for its purported hoax in reality television?Given the fact nothing solid on the return of Alaskan Bush People has come out as definite, this lack of information provides fertile ground for debate over the fate of the series.

A series of debacles

Among the many claims against the Browns, multiple reports came out that they secretly dabble in modern-day conveniences. Billy and Joshua Brown took a plea deal after the family accepted Alaskan checks while they were out of the state and there were reports that all of the family members lived in a small town when not filming the show in rugged, wooded country. Beyond that, Matt has battled sobriety issues. If that wasn't enough, there were claims made that the reunion storylines of Billy with his estranged daughter and Ami with her estranged mother were actually scripted.

Thick smoke surrounds the show

The show has a lot of thick smoke around it. Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. It's too early to tell if the show will be renewed or cancelled. It's no secret that reality shows have a certain amount of fabrication tied to its various storylines. The main difference is that the Browns have passed themselves off as authentic residents of the Alaskan bush.

It's an essential part of the family's strong appeal. This particular component resonates with fans and they aren't happy about being manipulated.

Will Alaskan Bush People get axed after having such a turbulent year?

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