Has Adam Lind done the unthinkable and shared news of Chelsea Houska's baby's gender? Earlier this month, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed she and her fiance, Cole DeBoer, had discovered what they were having but said they wouldn't reveal their child's gender until next month. A short time later, Lind appeared to break the news on Twitter.

In a tweet which is not currently listed on his account, Lind reportedly told a fan, "Yeah Aubree said it's a girl." Although thetweet was believed to have been removed from his feed a short time later, Real Mr.

Housewife shared a screenshot of the post with their readers on August 30, revealing the announcement was allegedly made by Lind on August 27. However, in an odd twist, a source spoke to Real Mr. Housewife,claiming that the post wasn't actually made by Lind at all.

According to the source, the Adam Lind tweet was fraudulent.“The tweet is definitely fake, especially since [Chelsea Houska] is having a baby boy." As the outlet pointed out, the screenshot shared didn't include Lind's blue check mark, which is a notation of a confirmed Twitter account.

Adam Lind is newly engaged

Earlier this summer, Adam Lind's fiancee, Stasia Huber, announced that she and the reality star were planning to get married. The couple has been dating for over a year and is currently in production on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.

Adam Lind didn't want to return toMTV after 'Teen Mom 2' season seven

As fans saw during theseason seven reunion, Adam Lind was against the idea of returning to the show for its upcoming season.

However, The Ashley's Reality Roundup claims he had no choice. According to the outlet, MTV has deemed the upcoming season of their reality show as season 7B, so when it comes to contracts, Lind is currently required to complete his agreement through the remainder of season seven, as is Jeremy Calvert, who also expressed interest in moving on .

“Both guys signed on forSeason 7, and wanted out while filming lastseason,” thesource toldThe Ashley.

“Neither planned to do any more episodes after that, but MTV kind of pulled a fast one on them and simply extended theseason."

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