Tiger Shroff, the muscular hunk in the Indian cinema is back in the theaters with his new movie a flying jatt. The movie which is basically a superhero story has started with mixed reviews from all corners, and in all probabilities, it will emerge as an average grosser at the box-office.

With an average screenplay and below average performances from actors except for Tiger, the flick fails in its attempt to create a money-spinning franchise.

The tale of a different superhero

Bollywood audiences have witnessed many superheroes in the past, and the most prominent one in this list is Krissh But when it comes to A Flying Jatt, director Remo D'Souza has attempted to unleash something unique, as he has narrated the story of an extraordinary person with many weaknesses.

He has tried to lace some comic sequences in between, but many of them lacked the punch.

In this feature, we can see Tiger in the role of Aman, a martial arts teacher. Things take a new turn in his life when Kay Kay Menon, an evil businessman plans to build a bridge to serve the purpose of his polluting factory. As Aman starts protesting against this move, Menon brings Raka, a mountain-sized person to trash him into pulp.

The remaining part of the picture showcases the fight between the young gun and the mammoth devil.

Movie review:

The only saving grace of this film is the appearance from Tiger Shroff, who holds the legacy of Jackie.

The dashing macho prince has impeccable screen presence, and his physique is awesome.

'A FlyingJatt'audience response:

With a beautiful smile and outstanding charisma, he may grab the attention of female fans, which will inevitably turn in favor of this film's theatrical run.

Jacqueline Fernandes who did the character of Tiger's love interest went over the board on many occasions, and it was a sheer pain to see her on the screen.

Watch trailer video:

Box-office collections:

On day one, the film is said to have collected Rs six crores approximately.

The film may earn a decent sum of money from the screens considering low competition it is facing.

This picture may earn somewhere in between Rs.12-14 crores by the end of this weekend.

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