3 Doors Down ex- guitarist Matt Roberts was found dead in his Wisconsin hotel room at the age of 38 from what is being reported as an accidental overdose of prescription painkillers. Roberts' death was confirmed by his father Darryl on Saturday morning.

3 Doors Down member dies

Darryl stated to TMZ that Matt was in Wisconsin and scheduled to perform at a charity event. Matt was found dead in his hotel room around 9 a.m. Saturday morning by security. His father reveals that he had last seen his son alive around 1 a.m.

after they returned to their adjoining hotel rooms following a late night rehearsal.

Mr. Roberts revealed that he was awakened from sleep after security knocked on the door of his room telling him that Matt had died from what appears to be an accidental overdose of prescription pain pills which were found in his room. A full investigation and official autopsy are set to be performed, official results could be released as early as mid-week.

Music fans mourn the loss of Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts left 3 Doors Down back in 2012 in good standing with band members due to health issues.

Matt revealed that the band's grueling 300 show tour had taken it's toll on his health, leaving him with circulation issues. Matt stated at the time that as hard as it was to come to his decision to leave the band he must put his health first and foremost in his life.

Lead singer Brad Arnold stated after Matt's departure that he considers Matt a brother and he is welcomed at any time to return to the band should he decide to at a later date.

Matt was replaced by guitarist Chet Roberts.

Matt was an original member of the rock band from 1996 through 2012 experiencing great success with the band for close to two decades and twenty million dollars in record sales. 3 Doors Down are best known for popular hits including "Kryptonite" and "Here Without You" to name just a couple.

Within moments of fans hearing the sad and tragic news of Matt's death hundreds of condolence tweets began going out to both the Robert's family and members of 3 Doors Down via Twitter.

At this time no further details surrounding Roberts' death, or memorial service plans have been revealed.

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