It seems like everywhere you turn these days Pokemon Go, the monstrously successful app by Niantic, Inc, is right there in your face. Pretty much everyone and their mothers are chasing Pikachus in their neighbor's backyard, and Hollywood's biggest names aren't excluded from the craze. Everyone from rappers, actors, pop stars, and reality personalities have declared their love for the popular app, proudly declaring their catches via social media.

Hollywood's 15 biggest Pokemon fans

Star Wars actor John Boyega has been one of the most vocal lovers of the game. During an interview with TechCrunch, Boyega said that while filming the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise, he found a Pikachu at the studio while he was on break.

"I was the most popular kid on set for like a day," he exclaimed excitedly. Fellow actor Mario Lopez and 'Harry Potter' actress Evanna Lynch have also been outspoken fans of the game. Pop stars Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have also expressed their love for Pokemon Go. Bieber has been spotted multiple times out in NYC trying to be low-key while out catching Pokemon, even going out in disguises to try and hunt his Pikachus in peace (of course, since it's Justin Bieber, he's always recognized). Rappers Wiz Khalifa and Tyga are also reported to be big Pokemon Go players, as well as model Chrissy Teigen, YouTube star Jenna Marbles, singer/songwriter John Mayer, 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah, DJ Steve Aoki, and reality stars Jenelle Evans and Spencer Pratt.

Pokemon Go's extreme success

Pokemon Go's popularity has easily made it the most successful app of the year so far, generating over $100 million in revenue and hundreds of millions of downloads by the beginning of August. It's also spawned a lot of copycats, and rumors of other franchises creating 'Pokemon Go-like' apps have been rampant ever since the game's release.

The game has been praised by critics for the level of physical activity and social interaction required by the games, which have been said to foster game-related communities and help those struggling with related anxieties. A statue of a Pikachu was even erected in New Orleans as an homage to the game.

As of August 1st, usage of Pokemon Go had exceeded the previously most popular apps, including Facebook, Snapchat, Tinder, Twitter, and Instagram.

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