Zayn Malik is currently leading a very successful solo career after leaving the X-Factor-built boy band. He recently claimed that he had a dream in which an ‘alien’ told him that he should consider leaving One he did!

Fans were shocked and incredibly upset when the good looking singer decided to leave the successful boy band in 2015, yet it has helped that he is doing very well with his solo music, he seems to just be releasing hit after hit, which is something we didn’t really predict or see coming.

Zayn Malik based his decision on a dream

Another thing we certainly did not predict was for the 23-year-old British singer to make a claim that he left One Direction because an alien told him to.

Zayn revealed this strange fact during an interview with Glamour magazine (Britain’s No1 Women’s magazine), the young star was asked “First time you realized you wanted to break off from 1D and go off on your own?” to which Zayn replied “An alien spoke to me in a dream.


Zayn Malik reveals his first every crush was the Olsen twins

He didn’t go on to give much more of an explanation, so we will just have to take his word for it and believe that he just has very strange dreams. The interview was in the form of a Q&A, some of the other questions that he was asked was who his first crush was, and which was the first album that he bought, the answer to those were ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’ and ‘All Eyez on Me’ by 2Pac.

Zayn Malik fell out with remaining band members, and Simon Cowell at time of exit

Zayn Malik’s exit from the group caused quite a stir at the time, he exchanged harsh words with manager Simon Cowell, and it seemed there were frosty feelings amongst the rest of his band members. This is the first time that Zayn has spoken out about his reasons for leaving the band. It might be that he has completely made up this whole ‘dream’ theory, but maybe it is better than saying something like ‘I was fed up of the band’ which would have caused many more problems that than alien theory has.

Nevermind, we need to move on from the ‘alien’ claim and focus on his amazing new R&B album ‘Mind of Mine’ which was released in March.

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