A lot of bandwidth has been occupied about the harassment that Leslie Jones, one of the actresses who appeared in the all-female “Ghostbusters.” Indeed, the story has been used as a distraction from the news about how the movie tanked at the box office as audiences stayed away in droves. The spectacle was an object lesson in what happens when a film eschews the need to be entertaining for being a vehicle in the culture wars.

Much less is being reported on the hate that Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who is due to appear in a big screen adaptation of the famous female superhero Wonder Woman.

It seems that a number of people on Twitter are exercised that she is Israeli, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, and a patriot.

The term “Zionist” is being thrown around, which is the dog whistle term that the anti-Semitic left uses for “Jew.” The problem is that the left regards the Palestinians as a poor, oppressed people being ground under the merciless heel of the Jewish state. Gadot’s perspective is that they want to kill her and all of her people, something she regards as a bad thing.

She has been quite open in her admiration of her country’s war against terrorists such as Hamas. That attitude is driving the Social Justice Warriors into an anti-Semitic fury.

One difference between how Gadot is dealing with the Twitter hate and how Leslie Jones did is that she is judiciously ignoring it. Her twitter feed is filled with how wonderful she feels at being given the privilege of playing the iconic character that has graced comic books and the big and small screens for 75 years.

Just as an added note, Gadot brings a particular set of skills and experience to the role of Wonder Woman. She was a combat trainer during her service in the IDF, remarkable for a female soldier in any army. She is one action heroine who really can handle herself in a real life dangerous situation. One more reason to look forward to the movie which comes out in 2017. The trailer suggests that the movie will be far superior to the female "Ghostbusters.":

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