Everybody knows that season seven of GOT will be based on ‘The Winds of Winter’, the next novel of George R.R. Martin. So far five books have been written, but most agree that now is the time to send the story forward.

Winds Of Winter release date: in time for GOT Season 7

We know that George R.R. Martin should have written ‘The Winds of Winter’ already from last year. He, with great regret, explained the reasons for the delay. Indeed fans already have been waiting for a couple of years for the sixth Book of the series.

The main reason is that Martin needs a co-author to help him to continue the story in what seems to have become too complicated. The author, at67-years-old, being in old age sometimes creates confusion in telling the events. People have known about "TWOW" hints due to spoilers that the author himself has been dropping.

TWOW release date: book

It’s certain that fans hope that ‘The Winds of Winter’ will be one of George R.R. Martin’s best novels, with the hope that it will be released before season 7 of the hit series.

According to a recent ad from HBO, Game of Thrones Season 7 release date is set for Summer 2017. On the other hand, Martin remains mum on details about his next forth coming book. There are speculations that George RR Martin would write also another book titled ‘A Dream of Spring’.

It's just a hypothesis, even if this theory can be supported by evidence, then fans could expect a double release.

There isn’t an official statement on a possible double book launch and Martin has said only that "TWOW" would feature 3 major deaths. He said that the characters of Asha and Lord Reaper of Pyke will be included in his next book. The fans believe that Asha may probably meet a couple of mercenaries in "TWOW.”

Meanwhile HBO announcedGame of Thrones is set to start production on season 7, but it will not premiere until July of 2017.

Season 7 will be 7 episodes instead of 10. Here you can find other details about the next season of GOT, along with the first teaser video.

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