The Swift cat is out of the bag! Kim Kardashian West broke the internet yet again late last night when she revealed via her Snapchat. Missed the buzz? Here's what went down...

Taylor Swift and Kanye West's friendship was short-lived after the rapper released his latest hit song "Famous." In the single, Kanye raps about how he and Taylor "might still have sex" and refers to her as a "b***h" in the lyric.

A 'Swift' feud goes 'West'

"I made that b***h famous," Kanye raps.

Swift fans were not happy.

And,apparently, Taylor Swift, her friends, and family weren't happy either.

According to Team Taylor, the singer-songwriter was not aware of the controversial lines and was caught off-guard.

Friends and family jumped to her defense. In her Grammy speech, Taylor told her followers not to give up or let anyone else take credit for theirsuccess.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West were furious.

According to Team Kanye, Taylor Swift was given a heads-up about the lyrics.

Not only that.

Kanye said he personally called Taylor on the phone to go over the lyrics with her and receive her blessing to use them.

Later, Kim and Kanye went public and said they had actual footage of Taylor's and Kanye's phone call, and that Taylor's lawyers had threatened them not to release it.

Kim Kardashian 'drops the call'on Taylor

Well, just last night, Kim decided to stand by her husband after being sick and tired of other celebrities always lying about Kanye and released the video through several Snaps on the social media platform.

Twitter went crazy.

Just about everyone switched over from Team Taylor to Team Kanye, declaring Taylor a snake and liar.

Taylor later released a statement saying that she knew about the "might have sex" line, but not the line about him making her famous.

In her statement, Taylor also said that Kanye and Kim are "assassinating" her character.

Could this mean she is considering pressing charges over the secret recording?

Taylor Swift is no stranger to pressing chargers, or, at least, threatening charges.

Just last year, she had fans take down materials they were selling using her lyrics, and even went as far as to trademark several of the lines in her songs.

Who do you think is the liar here? Or could this all be a huge publicity stunt? Nowadays, it's hard to tell!

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