Only a few television shows in the history of the medium can match the scale and scope offered by Game of Thrones. The rich source material has been brilliantly borrowed and adapted in order to create a stunning series that has a sense of continuity and fluidity that is unparalleled. One of the pillars that allow this masterpiece to float high above its competition is the volume and depth of its characters.

Many have fallen in the seasons so far, a few have risen again, but the message is clear – Every man must die!

Before the seventh season makes its way to HBO, it is time to examine the impressive roster of characters and decide who has the best arc so far. A new character will be examined in each edition, and the best arc will be decided based on the final number of views and likes. Unlike the people in King’s Landing, your opinions matter so make it count.

Arya Stark: A girl who has a name.

Arya Stark, brilliantly portrayed by Maisie Williams, is the third child of the Starks of Winterfell. The effects of a patriarchal society are best seen on Arya, as she constantly struggles to find herself in a man’s world.

Her tomboyish nature is only seen as a phase during her time at Winterfell, but she is forced to shed her gender and identity in order to survive the harsh world outside her own castle.

She is a silent observer at first, biding her time and accumulating allies and information that would help her in the long run. Even the likes of Tywin Lannister cannot help but be amazed at her razor sharp wit and intent.

Her smart and sympathetic nature allows her to help and befriend Jaqen H’gar and use his services to plan her escape.

Don’t get on her list.

Nearly everyone who meets Arya sees a great fire burning deep inside her, one that transforms into pure hatred as her family continues to be tormented by their enemies. She becomes the darkest member of the Stark household, creating a hit list and reciting the names on that list every night before going to sleep.

Her need for vengeance and her fascination with death acutely transforms her overall personality.

Her time with Sandor Clegane is interesting and full of conflict. The master warrior does not show her any kindness or mercy in an attempt to toughen her up for the battles ahead. She begins to learn from Sandor and understands the complex nature of reality by peeling off the many layers behind the man, thereby better understanding her own anger and hatred.

The many faced god.

The trials and tribulations that Arya encounters during her training with Jaqen is one of the most interesting arcs in the Game of Thrones series.

She is taught to become no one in order to become a servant of the gods but uses the tutelage to fully realize her own potential. Her time as a blind beggar and an assassin for the ‘many faced god’ provides her with a deeper insight into the way of the world and the traditions of the pious.

Her training at the house of black and white provides Arya with immense strength and skill, and she uses everything she has learned to murder Walder Frey at the end of season six. She is sure to become a formidable force as the series moves into the seventh season, and her eventual encounter with siblings Sansa and Jon will have a telling effect on the eventual plot of the series.

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