Despite the Netflix and CW deal to stream a full season of a CW show eight days after the season end, the deal hasn't taken effect yet.Reign season 3 isn't coming to Netflix just yet, as the deal will start for the 2016-2017 schedule. So, when willReign come to Netflix for fans to catch up in time for season 4?

Any date given forReign's Netflix premiere?

So far, a date hasn't been given. Season 3 ended on June 20, and it can often take months for the season to come to the streaming services. Fans had hoped that this would change with the new licensing deal, only to find out that such a deal doesn't take effect for another few months.

The good news is that whenReign season 4 comes to an end, it will be available for streaming eight days later.

There are thoughts that the season will appear on Netflix within the first three weeks of October. Season 4 of the show isn't set to air until January 2017, with some rumors that the network is holding off until May 2017 to avoid a clash withGame of Thrones.

Will Reignseason 4 be the end?

Just what is in store forReign'sfourth season?

Right now, two new actors have been confirmed to take on the roles of the real Mary, Queen of Scots' second and third husbands. Whether they will become the character Mary's husbands in the show is another matter. The show hasn't always stuck to historical events, such as Francis having an older half-brother called Bash, and Mary choosing him at one point in the first season.

There are worries that season 4 will be the end, which is why both husbands are being brought onto the show around the same time.

However, a pushed back premiere date could actually help to save the show. By not pitting it against powerhouse shows, more viewers may tune in for entertainment. The CW isn't ruling anything out just now.

Reign didn't get off to the best start with Mary, Queen of Scots lovers by changing actual historical events. However, that hasn't stopped some fans from tuning in to see what the young queen will do next.

So far,Reign doesn't have a season 3 Netflix date or a season 4 premiere date. When do you think they will be, and what do you think of the idea of season 4 being the last?

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