A US judge dismissed the claims of 29 people who claimed to be the heirs of Prince and wanted to inherit some of the vast fortune left by the famous singer. Other two candidates could, possibly, prove their claims using genetic tests, according to the news AgenceFrance Presse (AFP). According to some court documents made public on Friday, the Judge Kevin Eide from Minnesota, said the applicants had not submitted sufficient evidence to support their claims.

Five people claimed to be Prince's children.

Five of the complainants claimed that they are the children of Prince. As the singer had no descendants, the complaint would have allowed them to inherit over 300 million dollars from the famous singer who died suddenly this year on April 21 at the age of 57 years due to a drug overdose. One alleged successor claimed that his mother had an affair with the pop star in 1976, but the judge said that his claim is invalid because he was legally adopted by another family.

However, the judge ordered genetic testing to verify the statements of two other potential successors. The first is Brianna Nelson, who claims to be the daughter of a brother of Prince (from only one parent) - Duane Nelson, who was in charge of the safety for the singer for a while, but he died in 2011. The other one is Victoria Nelson, aged 11, who is the daughter of Duane Nelson's son, who also has died.

Prince's immediate heirs are a sister and five brothers.

For now, Prince's immediate successors are his sister Tyka Nelson and five brothers from only one parent. They all they agreed to appoint a professional administrator to manage the succession after the death of the singer. Among the eccentric claims rejected by the judge Eide is the one made by Claire Boyd. Boyd claimed that CIA had restrained her marriage to Prince at Las Vegas, AFP also notes.

Musical career of over 35 years.

The superstar Prince, winner of seven Grammy awards, had a musical career of more than 35 years. During his successful musical career, he released 39 solo albums. He never stopped launching new materials and he was constantly experimenting with psychedelic rock and intergalactic funk.

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