"Walking Dead" fans ever wonder where Negan came up with the name "Lucille," and why he named his brutal and dangerous weapon of choice after a female?

"Lucille" namesake revealed.

"Walking Dead" fans have had millions of questions since day one about their favorite zombie apocalypse on AMC that will soon be returning to TV for season seven on October 9th.There always seems to be a new questioned posed every day that many would love the answer to. Lately, there have been many about the new bad guy on the block. Now it appears that we can answer at least a few of them.

'Walking Dead' comics books reveal detailed backstory.

Now about "Lucille," his beloved barb-wired covered baseball bat that instills fear in everyone who crosses paths with the brutal body-bashing weapon. Since the fourth installment of the 12-part comic books series that has been focusing on Negan's backstory has arrived some answers are very clears about why he chose the name, Lucille.

To date, only four issues of "Here's Negan" have been currently released, revealing many details about his life before the outbreak went down. We know that before, he was a school gym teacher, a stern coach and that he lost his wife to cancer. When his wife was diagnosed with the deadly disease, Negan had a hard time dealing with it and stepped outside of his marriage seeking comfort by having an affair.

His wife, Lucille knew all about her husband's betrayal.

The terror begins!

While his wife's condition continued to rapidly deteriorate Negan stayed by her hospital bedside. Coincidentally this is the same time the world began falling apart around them and the hospital began evacuating the building. He began barricading the door in hopes of protecting himself and Lucille, who had already died.

Walkers began flooding the grounds outside the hospital. Watching in horror at the events outside of the building, he hears a strange noise behind him and Lucille has come back as a walker.

Needless to say, Negan feels obligated to honor his wife's memory in some fashion, long story short he decides to call his now lifelong companion, the barbed wired bat "Lucille after his dead wife, who h so fondly refers to as "the only bitch I've ever truly loved."

Sweet isn't he, not really, and not a match made in heaven, but at least naming his bat after his dead wife shows that even the bad guy tends to carry a bit of his past life inside.No so sure naming a murder weapon after a loved one is an honor, but look at what is going down, who is really in their right minds after everything they have already faced?

What is left to come will most likely damage even the strongest remaining survivors, even when the outbreak ends, who is really getting out of this with their sanity?

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