A warning is being issued to Walking Dead fans that this October's season seven premiere is going to leave millions of viewers feeling very disturbed according to AMC producers.

Warning ahead 'Walking Dead' fans!

A very select few have been privy (namely the cast, writers, and producers) to the biggest question that has baffled the world since "Who shot Jr.?" A question that has been driving Walking Dead fans bonkers since April, just who meets their fate at the hands of Negan?

The cast knows who gets Negan's bat, and it is sad!

Greg Nicotero, an executive producer on the AMC hit series states that it is so shocking and sad that people are crying, an emotion that he claims makes him both "happy and sad." This new disturbing warning of such has succeeded in adding more fuel to the already blazing mystery leaving fans even hungrier for more details.

Look no further, it appears that there is a very high probability that we already have those answers here.

Saying goodbye to 'Walking Dead' favorites

As previously reported, the season seven opening death scenes go to, not one, but two main characters, Abe, who dies first, then Glenn. If you are thirsty for more information we have one more bit of good news for you today. Coming this weekend the cast of the Walking Dead will all be on hand at San Diego Comic-Con where you will get a peek at the first season seven teaser trailer!

AMC series broadens communities

Nicotero also states that in season seven,"there is a very big world out there" and the season will explore those highly anticipated areas that include, The Kingdom, The Hilltop Community, along with Negan's community, "in much greater detail." Take a deep breath this is only the beginning for the huge AMC buildup. Fans can look forward to tons of photos and artwork, along with a zillion and one Walking Dead season seven spoilers all to be coming your way in the next several weeks.If you are finding the torture just too much to bear, you can always re-binge seasons one thru five on Netflix, with season six to also be added later this summer.

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