Walking Dead cast members are not to be trusted! Known as a group of shady pranksters especially Norma Reedus and Andrew Lincoln, it is safe to say they could very well be punking us when it comes to revealing information pertaining to the upcoming season.

Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveal Negan's kill?

Negan, (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was recently asked by Kevin Smith, who grilled four of the stars of The Walking Dead at Comic-Con last weekend who he killed? First, Smith asked Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun and Andrew Lincoln, excluding Morgan if they were unkillable. Reedus, who plays Daryl quickly said to ask Jeffrey and Lincoln (Rick Grimes) turned to Morgan who he killed if anyone.

Jeffrey immediately smiles saying "no one here."

Did he just reveal a major spoiler? We do not quite think so. It potentially looks more like a clever play on words to mess with Walking Dead fans who have been going crazy since the season six finale cliffhanger wanting to know desperately who did Negan "Lucille?"

Walking Dead cast members messing with fan's minds?

Take a second to think about of the wording of the questions and answers. Who died? Norman's response ask Jeffrey. Keyword we believe here is "Jeffrey." Andrew's question "Who did you kill?" Keyword "you." It is thought that they asked the questions directly to Jeffrey, not of his character Negan, and Morgan responded as himself (out of character) saying "no one here" meaning Yeun, Reedus and Lincoln, not Glenn, Daryl or Rick.

Tricky, yes, these men are well known for being pranksters, constantly joking around and messing with not only each other but with the fans minds. Norman and Steven especially love to post strange statements, questions and answers on Twitter to mess with the minds of their fans.

AMC's strict Walking Dead season 7 no talk rules

So now is Morgan's so-called reveal a real answer, doubtful. Here is why AMC is not going to allow anyone to say anything revealing any really important information concerning the upcoming season before the premiere. Hell, they are even trying to control the opinions of spoiler sites.

But that has done little to nil to stop most from stating their opinions, or potential spoiler information. They actually work their tails off hunting down the information and for the most, part some are very accurate with their spoiler details. How they do it, those are their secrets to keep.

As previously reported,it has been revealed that two main characters will die in the season seven opener. Those two characters have been revealed as (not 100 percent confirmed, because nothing ever really is until it comes to pass) Abraham and Glenn.

As much as we want to believe differently, we state again that when it comes to trusting AMC or cast members of the Walking Dead when it comes to spoilers we just can't, and will have to continue waiting for Oct.

9 to arrive to get the real answers.

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