Jon Dorenbos has had no shortage of incredible magic tricks in his time on 'America's Got Talent'. First, Dorenbos wowed the audience with a card trick that nobody could ever understand.

Then he managed to wow guest judge Ne-Yo enough to earn a golden buzzer that put him directly into the live shows. And he rewarded the judges with another magic trick that left all the judges on the panel of 'America's Got Talent' speechless.

Live Show Performance.

Jon Dorenbos began his live show performance by having all of the judges draw pictures on sheets of paper.

He then collected the sheets of paper and correctly predicted who had drawn what picture.

But the trick didn't end there. He then pulled out a bottle which contained his predictions for what each judge would draw.

Somehow, Dorenbos had correctly predicted what every single judge would draw before they even did. To see his incredible feat, check out the video below.

I have absolutely no idea how on Earth Jon Dorenbos managed to pull that off.

To me, good magic has always been inexplicable. But I think it's better to not know and simply be enthralled by the amazing magic of the talented Eagles long snapper.

Other Auditions.

If you haven't seen Jon Dorenbos' first audition, you can check it out below. I highly recommend the incredible card trick that the magiciansomehow managed to pull off.

That's a pretty incredible act. I'd definitely pay money to go see Jon Dorenbos after that first audition.

But he stepped up his trick to an even bigger level in his second audition. This time, he wowed Ne-Yo enough to receive a golden buzzer with another amazing card trick.

Will America Put Him Through?

Jon Dorenbos definitely made sure that his trick would wow America this time. His third trick topped them all, which means he should have a good chance to advance even further into the competition.

America loves magic, which should help Dorenbos earn enough votes to at least compete for that spot.

But it will still be hard for him to go through, especially with all the amazing acts that have gone on 'America's Got Talent' thus far.

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