Fourteen-year-old Jayna Brown just shocked the world with an epic audition that was far better than her first. The performance earned a standing ovation from every single judge, even the notoriously harsh Simon Cowell. Louis Tomlinson took it one step further when he sentBrown directly into the live shows with the last golden buzzer of the season.

Second audition

Jayna Brown chose to sing a song that complemented her melodic voice perfectly.

If you haven't seen the amazing audition already, here it is for everyoneto enjoy.

She chose the song 'Rise Up', by Andra Day, another amazing African-American musician. And the judges were glad that she chose the unique song, who called her performance "infectious". It's not hard to see why Jayna Brown really deserved the golden buzzer.

And it's definitely not hard to tell when you see what she did in her first audition.

First performance

Those who watched Jayna Brown in her first audition couldn't have been surprised to see herlight up the stage. If you haven't see Brown's cover of Summertime yet, here it is.

The poor girl actually lost her home in Atlanta and is staying in a neighbor's house.

Can you even imagine a better story for a future winner of 'America's Got Talent'? I'm definitely rooting for Jayna Brown to go far into the competition. And guest judge Louis Tomlinson is making sure that Jayna Brown has her best chance possible to go far. The golden buzzer put Jayna Brown all the way into the live shows, which means she will have an opportunity to compete with the best.

Tomlinson even gave an explanation explaining the reasons why Jayna Brown deserved the golden buzzer.

It's simple really. She's one of the best singers on the show and she definitely has a chance to at least make it to the 'America's Got Talent' Finals.


Singers always have a chance to win 'America's Got Talent'. She has the story, the voice, and the stage presence to go far in the competition. To win, she will have to beat out magicians who doincredible tricksand dogs that do unbelievable tricks. It will be tough for her to win the entire show, but she definitely has the talent to go very far.

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