Jayna Brown had two auditions prior to her performance on the 'America's Got Talent' live shows. Both performances were spectacular and impressed the judges. Louis Tomlinson was so impressed by Brown's second audition that he sent herdirectly into the live shows with a golden buzzer. And Jayna Brown didn't disappoint Tomlinson with her performance.

Live show performance

Jayna Brown kicked things off on the 'America's Got Talent' live shows with a bang. This time, the young singerchose to sing the song 'Make it Rain,' which perfectly allowed her to showcase her incredible voice.

All of the judges, who have already seen Brown twice, were wowed by a performance that was vastly superior to her first two. If you haven't seen the incredible live performance, here is the link:

It comes as no surprise that the judges were so impressed byJayna Brown'ssinging. I think everyone in the audience was. And if you had seen her first two auditions, you would be even more impressed.

Original auditions

So far, the star singerhas chosen the songs 'Rise Up' and "Summertime.' Both auditions have showcased herincredible voice and show off a range that the singer used to impress the 'America's Got Talent' audience on Tuesday night.

If you haven't seen herearlier auditions, here they are for you to enjoy:

Both of these are just awesome, which means that I am not surprised to see Jayna Brown already making a name for herself on the show. The judges couldn't have foreseen her amazing development though, which has resulted in a better performance each and every time.

Simon Cowell, who is notoriously harsh on anybody who messes up, gave the fourteen-year-olda glowing endorsement.

Will America put her through?

It's hard not to fall in love with a young singer like Jayna Brown who has this much talent. She has the story, the voice, and the support of enough Americans to go far into this competition. It's hard to envision a scenario in which the talented young singerdoesn't advance further in the competition.

But, this is 'America's Got Talent,'and the show could include 12 great acts that don't leave enough room for Brown. I still have to believe that Brown will get enough votes to advance further into the competition.

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