If you like danger, 'America's Got Talent' is the show for you. On Tuesday night, one act took danger to a whole new level, adding a blindfold and fire to the throwing act.

Deadly Games took things to a dangerous level for the female assistant on Tuesday night and eventually drew a standing ovation from judge Heidi Klum.

Live Show Performance.

This live show performance by the Deadly Games was pretty insane. First, the knife thrower had a blindfold on. Then, his wife directed his knife throws so that they would not hit her.

After successfully throwing five knives, the wife was placed upon a spinning wheel of fire. Her husband then proceeded to throw several fire arrows at the wheel, narrowly missing her each time. If you want to see the couple'sincredible performance, you can check it out below.


The act began with an awesome performance on the original 'America's Got Talent' auditions. The act created a knife throwing act so dangerous that the judges and audience can hardlybear to watch.

The person in the most danger is not the guy, but the woman who has to hope that her husband doesn't accidentally throw a knife through her heart.

If you haven't seen their spectacular first audition, here it is.

The dangerous act had enough support to get into the next round of 'America's Got Talent." I probably would have put them through too. How can you not when the group is going to consistently put their lives in danger every time? Especially when their second audition was just as good.

Deadly Games had to impress the judges with their second audition, and they did not disappoint.

If you haven't seen their second audition, check out their dangerous stunts below.

The spinning wheel of death is a nice touch to an act that is already fraught with danger. And the act has not disappointed in the three times it has gone on the show.

Will America Put Them Through?

It's going to be a tough night for 'America's Got Talent' voters who will have to choose between incredible singers and amazing magicians.

Still, Deadly Games could garner enough support to advance and do well in yet another round of the competition.

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