Victoria Beckham joined her family in celebrating the 5th birthday of the youngest member of the Beckham family, their daughter Harper. Both Victoria and David posted photos on their social media accounts to say happy birthday to their daughter, yet the one that Victoria posted has caused an uproar.

The 42-year-old fashionista, businesswoman and mother-of-four posted a photo on Instagram yesterday of herself and her daughter Harper to celebrate her fifth birthday. The photo is of the two Beckham girls kissing on the lips...something which everyone is starting to debate and question whether or not it is OK for parents to kiss their children on the lips.

The innocent and touching photo shows the love that Victoria feels for her young daughter and quite honestly is an innocent photo

Victoria Beckham is referred to as ‘weird’ and ‘odd’ for the photo

It is very natural for parents to be tactile with their children, especially when they are young, as Harper is, she is only five years old, yet apparently a lot of people are deeming it ‘inappropriate’ for Victoria to kiss like that. Some of the comments that Victoria has received are quite harsh...she has been called ‘weird’, ‘odd’ and has been accused of ‘sexualising’ her young daughter.

People have left comments on the photo saying ‘urgh’ and ‘It is strange to kiss your parents on the lips’.

The criticisms are understandable to an extent, in that there has to come an age where you stop kissing your parents on the lips, as you cannot be 30-years-old and kissing your mom on the lips, people will think you’re an item, but surely at such a young age it is harmless?

Victoria Beckham’s photo has made some people feel uncomfortable who say photo is ‘creepy’

One of the many people to criticize Victoria is Angela Epstein who said “When I saw the snap of Victoria kissing Harper on the lips, I couldn’t help but recoil. I found the image slightly creepy, stomach-churning even.” Part of the problem is probably that so many celebs and famous personalities are being found out to be paedophiles and are being charged for sexual relationships with minors, so it seems everyone is paranoid and can no longer recognise a close relationship between mother and daughter without having something negative to say.

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