Last week, Lifetime'sUnREAL left off with the possible death of Darius’ cousin, Romeo, after getting shot by a police officer when Rachel intervened in their “scene”.

Rachel, of course, had an absolute mental breakdown, which caused her to call her mom, thepsychiatrist. She was then checked into a mental hospital.

Rejoice! Quinn has finally taken over as showrunner again.

She is adamant on continuing the show, despite this incident. As usual,Madison keeps trying to prove her worth to Everlasting. And everyone is under contract to keep the incident under wraps.

The girls are yet again without Darius and trapped in the house with unlimited booze.

What exactly is Yael up to on this episode of UnREAL?

Last week, she jumped in the car with Jeremy, and recorded their conversation, secretly. Now, she’s going through Coleman’s computer, until he catches her.

She finally reveals she’s a reporter (something that most of the audience had suspected all along). Yael, also known as “Hot Rachel”, reveals she is working on a piece called, “Reality TV Kills”, which was sparked by the death of Mary last season.

Darius is missing from the Everlasting set

John and Quinn’s relationship continues to blossom, and they discuss the possibility of having children. Until Chet interrupts them to tell Quinn that Darius checked out of the hospital, and is missing.

Cut to Darius walking into a restaurant to meet none other than Ruby, a former contestant whom he voted off earlier this season. Hetells Ruby that he wants to be with her, and quit the show, but Ruby rejects him after he publicly embarrassed her on the show.

Darius reveals to Ruby that he can no longer play football due to his back surgery. Jay shows up to the restaurant to convince Darius to come back to the show. And of course, because Jay is trained by the best, he gets him back to the show to continue filming.

Viewers find out UnREAL's best kept secret

Coleman visits Rachel, and although she doesn’t necessarily want him there, he tells her everything is okay.

It is then revealed that Romeo is alive and well. After both professing their love to each other for the first time, Coleman takes Rachel home from the hospital.

Coleman brings Rachel back to set and tries to get her to film a video about the incident with Romeo to expose this case of police brutality.

The only problem is she is still heavily sedated and vulnerable and reveals even more to the camera, including that the show did, in fact, kill Mary.

Rachel’s mom shows up on set, and overprotective Quinn mode is activated. While Quinn and Rachel aren’t on the best terms, it’s obvious she still cares about her.

Rachel’s mom brings along a doctor from the hospital to convince Rachel to come back. Rachel just wants to talk, but when she begins to cry, her mom immediately dismisses the doctor.

They begin to talk privately when Rachel’s mom begins to lay into Rachel saying that she wants this secret kept private because no one will ever love Rachel after they know.

In the next scene, Rachel begins to talk to Coleman and reveals that she was raped by one of her mom’s patients at their house when she was 12. Her mom blamed her for protecting her practice, which is why her mom treated her, keeping the secret in the family.

At the end of the show, they film yet another elimination. This elimination is different, as the girls chose who to vote off since Darius was absent most of the show.

The girls vote Tiffany off, but Darius comes back just in time to save her, and vote off Jameson, the police officer. Darius cancels his single date with Chantal and picks Tiffany.

Darius tells the producers that he wants the show his way, and wants Jay as his producer instead of Rachel. Of course, everyone complies because, without Darius, they don’t have a season.

The show closes revealing that Coleman and Yael are working together.

Which means Coleman is going to use the video he shot of Rachel to sabotage the show.

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