Every Actor is supposed to have a shelf life. Some have a longer shelf life than others. Romantic heroes have a longer life than actors who do physical stunts. Doing a stunt without a double is taxing and one can say a tribute to physical fitness. So many Hollywood stars have come and I can't recollect a macho star who did his own stunts and survived in the top bracket for so long a time as Tom Cruise. Tom entered Hollywood in 1981 with a role in Endless love. Now 34 years down the line, Tom remains the no 1 macho star who does his own stunts. Nobody can do the stunts Tom does and that makes him special not only for America but the world.

Tom Cruise and his stunts

Tom Cruise is now 53-years-old and there is nobody who can hold a candle to his daredevilry. In all his films he has done the stunt scenes himself and a double has never replicated him. In all his films the masses go to see Tom in action either witha sword like in Tthe Last Samurai or the bike rider in Mission Impossible. He has also courted death at least a dozen times and yet he has not given up on doing his own stunts. His death-defying stunts in the Mission Impossible series will live long in the memory of people all over the world. There is no doubt that Tom is a global star and even in India his films are dubbed in Indian regional languages and attract hundreds and thousands of viewers.

He is the most representative face of Hollywood in the third world, where his escapism gives a thrill to all.

Tom and the future

Tom was born in 1962 and now is getting past the age of doing stunts. However, no star has appeared who can replace Tom and he soldiers on. It would be wrong to think of Tom only as a stunt actor as he brings finesse and poise to his roles and can be a good romantic lover on the screen.

In personal life, Tom has married thrice and maybe that is a sign that he is also looking for love. How long will Cruise carry on in the present vein? It's difficult to make a forecast, but he has done enough to be given an entry into Hollywoods hall of fame.

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