This toddler is so enchantedwith theRockymoviethat he has learned every step so he can do it along withRocky to the song Eye of the Tiger. Know as "Little Charlie," the toddler is captured on video by his parents while he's doing his moves in front of the TV set. They put the video up on YouTube where none other than Sylvester Stallone eyed his mini-me.

Will the real Rocky please stand up!

Clad in a diaper, Charlie does the push-ups and all the leg and hand movements that Sylvester Stallone did in that movie.

His Parents say that he loves training along with Rocky while watching the movie and he does his moves to the song Eye of the Tiger. While he is watching Rocky's workouts, he's a bit too young for the fight scenes, so there are parts of this movie the diaper-clad boxer hasn't seen yet.

Professional Boxer eyes tot

According to Mail Online, Charlieeven offers up rope skipping and shadow boxing copying Rocky, who is on his TV set. Professional Boxer Denis Liebau shared this video on his Facebook page and it was viewed almost 9 million times, with 45,000 likes.

Real-life Rocky deems him the 'baby boxer'

Apparently Sly Stallone got a real kick out of the tot he is calling "the baby boxer," as he's not only mentioned this baby, but he's posted the video of the tyke on his social media sites. That is one heck of a start for Charlie's scrap book that's for sure!

Scrap book-worthy

This toddler will certainly have something to show his grandchildren some day after one of the most iconic action stars ever to come out of Hollywood has taken a big liking to Charlie's boxing tactics.This video has more than gone viral, as many of the morning news shows picked up Charlie doing his Rocky routine.

People are tuning in to see the toddler pretend to lift weights, punch a bag, and exercises with logs. The lad, who looks barely old enough to walk, has learned to improvise when it comes to finding weight-lifting items.

Tot's one-handed press

One of his cutest moves is when he get down on the floor in a gray t-shirt and copies Rocky's one-handed press, who also happens to be doing this in a gray t-shirt.

This viral video is probably one of the best to come along in a while.

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