The path to fame is a rough and rocky one. It seems to be a dream that everyone wants to obtain, but few do. For those who eventually obtain fame, some live to regret it. Here is a look at a few artists who wish they had shunned the limelight.

1. Eminem

Eminem burst onto the scene with The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000. He was fresh, hip and had the street credibility to back up his rhymes. Fans loved him because he was a great rapper who produced quality songs, which helped him in the predominantly African American rap genre.

However after a slew of hits, a successful semi-autobiographical film called 8 Mile and its soundtrack, Eminem grew weary of the fame.

He turned to pills to deal with the pressure and chronicled it on his 2008 album Relapse. The video for The Monster off his Marshall Mathers LP2 CD was the most telling. It featured Em reliving all of hiscareer successes and eventually ending with a battle with himself. He didn't seem too happy about any of it.

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears public struggles with fame have been well documented. The blonde pop star suffered a mental breakdown in 2007. She shed her perfect persona along with her hair when she shaved her head bald. However, there were clues to Brit Brit's unhappiness with fame earlier on.

When she was just starting out, Spears did a video called Lucky. It featured a young starlet at the top of her game, but who was completely unhappy.

The lyrics to the chorus are, "She's so lucky, she's a star. But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart." It's pretty sad when you think about it, but maybe it was a clue that everyone missed.

Since then, Spears has bounced back with a successful Vegas show and she recently received praise for her 2016 Billboard Awards performance.

Many say that Spears is back, which is great because she's been under her father's conservatorship since her mental breakdown. Maybe this means Spears is ready to take back control of her life.

3. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf started out as a child star on the Disney Channel show Even Stevens. He was adorable and a little chubbyand fans loved him.

When it was time for him to make his transition into adult roles, LeBeouf scored a big hit with the Transformers franchise. Unfortunately, after that he began to take roles with a darker turn. He started in Lars Von Triers controversial Nymphomaniac where had to have real sex on camera. Then there were also the pedophilia claims that arose from his weird dance in Sia's video Elastic Heart. Add those to his frequent run-ins with the cops and his bizarre public appearance where he wore a bag over his head that read, "I Am Not Famous Anymore" and you've got a guy who really hates his job. Hopefully, he can find his happy place soon enough.

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