The Walking Deadtrailer for season 7 was released at Comic-Con this weekend and it gives you some insight into the perils of Rick and his new world family as they are captured and controlled by Negan. It is the cliffhanger from The Walking Dead season 6 that has everyone talking since the night they watched Negan take aim with Lucille and pummel someone's lights out with one horrific beating.

Dark season 7 premiere

Xfinity has put a clip on Comcast that talks about how disturbing the ending of season 6 was not only for the viewers at home, but for The Walking Dead cast.

As one of the producers said in the On-Demand clip, the rest of the group just got finished watching one of their own "murdered." Neither the Comcast clip or the new trailer offer up a clue as to who the person is that is in the process of getting the life beaten out of them. That doesn't stop the predictions from showing up online, as many of the spoilers coming from reputable sites predict not one, but two lose their lives that night.

Glenn and Abraham tangle with Lucille? (Spoiler)

The consensus after all kinds of deductive reasoning has Glenn being beaten to death by Lucille at the hands of Negan and Abraham steps in.

This leaves Glenn and Abraham dead, according to the predictions coming from Movie Idol.

As fans of The Walking Deadalready know, this is not a show that is easy to predict, so even though the folks in the know are making these predictions, you just won't know for sure until season 7 begins. What is known for sure is someone dies, as the Comcast clip indicates.

Emotional and physical pain in cliffhanger

This is the first time thatRickis not able to control the situation or at least have an alternative plan for an event unfolding. One of the things that you can see in the trailer released is when Negan walks by his followers, they go down on their knees. It looks as though this very sadistic man has his followers trained well and it is for sure a fear-based training.

WhenEWtalked with the cast of The Walking Dead at Comic-Con, they were very forthcoming about how hard it was to endure, both physically and emotionally, that final scene in season 6. The scene took two nights to shoot, which means they stayed on their knees for those two nights. That was painful and they all kept shifting position to ward off the pain.

Much anticipated season 7 trailer

Negan is a man who is smiling and presenting as everyone's friend even while he is swinging Lucille and beating someone to death. The new trailer also gives fans of The Walking Dead their first look at King Ezekil with his lion that has one very big head!

Variety reports that this King is a fan favorite from the comic books.

During the interview on EW, the romance between Rick and Michonne was explored and fans learn they are in love, but they really didn't need to hear it from the cast to know this to be true! The very disturbing ending to season 6 will lead to a very disturbing first episode for season 7 as it is promised the identity of the person Negan is swinging Lucille at is revealed. Bringing King Ezekil into the mix for season 7 can only add more adventure for Rick and the crew who are just trying to find a place to really call home.

It looks like a very dark place in Negan's world from the little bit of a view you get in the trailer.

The Walking Dead returns on October 23 with season 7 on AMC and the show will finally offer up the answers from one of the most disturbing cliffhangers in TV history!

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