AMC's The Walking Deadmight be based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, but the television version has been known to often stray from the books and create their own plot. Fans are wondering how close TV's "The Walking Dead" will stick to one major plot from the comics.

Before we get to that, however, please note that major spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up with The Walking Dead. And even if you are up to speed on the series, huge spoilers for "The Walking Dead" comics follow if you don't read the book -- you've been warned!

In the comics.

Negan is captured and placed in a jail cell. That's right, Rick decides to spare his life and keeps Negan as a prisoner, instead. We know, right? This was a bad decision, especially after Negan killed Glenn (in the comics, at least.But, as you all probably guessed if you haven't read the comics, Rick's decision comes back to bite him.Negan eventually escapes and joins a new group of survivors. Well, to say "joins" them wouldn't be correct. Negan effortlessly takes charge of the group and plots his revenge against Rick and the others.

What group is it?

What group is this? In the comics, they are called The Whisperers. And they are as creepy as their name!The Whisperers kill walkers, but very carefully so they won't damage the skin too badly. Why does that matter, you ask? Because the Whisperers skin the walkers to wear their skin themselves and hide among the undead. Is it grosser rather than clever?

Who are the Whisperers?

They walk around the dead to gather supplies and, basically, survive.

To communicate, they whisper, hence their name, so that they won't attract attention. They are very quiet and careful.Negan goes to them, kills the Alpha, their leader, and takes control, planning to use this new army against Rick. As of today, we have not heard any casting news that hints at any Whisperer characters. But do keep in mind that Negan is around for a long, long time in The Walking Dead comics.

He's actually still alive!

It's possible we won't meet The Whisperers until Season 8. Would you like to see this plotline play out on the screen when AMC'sThe Walking DeadSeason 7 premieres this October? What other stories and characters from the comics would you like to meet?

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