The Walking Dead season seven debut is ever so slowly approaching and for many fans, October simply cannot arrive soon enough. But we can all take comfort, or not, in grabbing up every possible spoiler detail made available. Be on high alert that the following information contains potential spoiler information about AMC's hit series The Walking Dead season seven.

Walking Dead death order revealed!

If you haven't heard by now there is going to be two deaths in the Walking Dead season seven opener according to a pretty accurate spoiler site.

New information has been revealed as to the order of these two heartbreaking deaths. Again be warned spoilers near! The Spoiling Dead Facebook group has shared their predictions (information) despite AMC's warnings.

The group reacts

It is stated that Glenn and Abraham, two very key members of Rick's group will be killed off via Lucille at the hands of Negan in season seven, episode one. So here is how they claim it will all go down come October. It has been revealed according to the filming schedule and a highly respected site member that Abe will be the first to go.

Nowhere to run

When we last left the group, they had just been captured and were being held mercilessly at the hands of Negan, who was enjoying himself explaining the new order of command and rules to Rick and the gang as they watched helplessly in horror. Abe stares eye to eye with Negan daring him to take him on. It is claimed, and we have to be careful with the wording that Abe confronts Negan, therefore becoming the first example of Negan's violent reign of terror.

Sadly, Glenn soon follows thanks to an unfortunate count placement in Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe.

It is speculated that Abe is killed first to give viewers a bit of a jolt, prepping then for what comes next. Glenn's horrific beating. During the bloody beatdowns what is left of the group watch in horror as they lose two of their own and Daryl begins to protest when he is taken from the group, thrown back into the van and driven away, to be held prisoner.

Is it over?

This tragic event is going to leave the group severely broken, and for the time being left under Negan's control. Who knows just how many episodes in before we see Daryl again and just how long it will take the beaten down gang to regroup, heal, and come up with a kickass battle plan to take on Negan and his large group of followers?All we can say at this point in time is that The Walking Dead season seven looks to be one of the most brutal seasons yet.

What are your thoughst on the upcomng season of AMC's The Walking Dead?

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