Fans are looking forward to Season 7 of The Walking Dead. With the premiere airing on AMC in just a few months, what can be expected? Well, at least one character is going to die by Negan's barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille. Based on filming reports, which TWD characters could get killed by Negan?

The Season 7 premiere picks up where 'The Walking Dead' finale left off

When TWDreturns with Season 7, it will reportedly pick up where the finale left off. As fans recall, Negan killed someone in Rick Grimes' group. However, the identity of the dead character was not revealed. Some were upset and even angry about it.

Not to worry, October is getting closer, which means we will soon find out who Negan killed.

Negan's point of view to be explored

In addition to seeing Rick's perspective, TWD fans will also see Negan's point of view. Even though he is considered a villain, there is a reason Negan goes after Rick's group. Those that are familiar with the comic books know this. Remember, it was Rick's group that slaughtered the Saviors while they slept. Even though they had their reasons, Negan and the Saviors felt the attack was unprovoked.

Who does Negan kill in 'The Walking Dead'?

Nobody knows for sure who Negan kills. In the comic books, Glenn is on the receiving end of Lucille. Many fans are not sure if Glenn will also die in the TV show or not.

Spoilers for the zombie apocalypse series have been kept under wraps. However, fans are pretty good at digging up information and analyzing the facts.

There are two main characters that reportedly have not been seen filming past the Season 7 premiere. According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Glenn and Abraham have not been spotted past Episode 1.

Even Daryl Dixon, who reportedly gets kidnapped by the Saviors is seen throughout the first half of Season 7. This definitely makes fans worry about Glenn and Abraham's fate.

What do you think? Does Negan kill two characters in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere? Will Glenn and Abraham die when TWD returns?

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