The Walking Dead'scast member, Chandler Riggs, spills the beans on the relationship that his character Carl and Neganare going forward after the horrific night of their first meeting.

Negan's a likable guy in a cunning way, but Rick and his group just don't trust him especially after they've seen what he is capable of. That include's Carl who Negan tries to take under his wing.

Negan sees himself in Carl.

It seems there's some of himself that Negan sees in Carl, and he has a bit of respect for the kid who had to grow up fast in a zombie apocalypse.

Negan refers to Carl as a "future serial killer" in what appears to be about as endearing a nickname Negan's persona allows.

Carl not liking Negan 'at all.'

Riggs calls Negan's outlook onas "a bizarre layer of respect" for his character Carl.

The Walking Dead's fans got to watch Carl grow up, so there's a special attachment to him for the fans.

Riggs started on the show when he was a 10-year-old kid, and now he's a youngman of 17, his birthday was on June 27.

If it is Carl who is talking about Negan, he"doesn't like the guy at all," reports Comic Book.

com. Riggs, on the other hand, doesn't dislike Negan, in fact, he thinks he is "really cool."Riggs also gives a hint of what to expect in the up and coming season.

Hints to Lucille's victim (s)?

He said that his character Carl was pulled from that scene where Abraham and maybe Daryl stood up to Negan. '

Does that offer up some insightas to who Negan kills with Lucille in the season 6 finale? Was Negan pounding on one of the other cast members when Abraham and possibly Daryl try to stop him?

If that is the case then who was getting the initial beating with Lucille? In a separate article from Comic, they suggest that the season 7 trailer, seen below, has done a good job at not letting on which of the 11 characters are still alive, except hints are indicating Maggiemay be a survivor.

Maggie makes it out alive?

A short camera shot shows Maggie appearing to have made it back to Alexandra, but as the Comic people remind their readers, The Walking Dead trailers are notorious for misleading viewers to keep the element of surprise strong.

The Walking Dead airs the season 7 premiere on October 23 on AMC.

Tune in at 9 p.m. Sunday nights to watch the new episodes of the latest season.

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