October brings fall weather, campfires, Halloween and yes, even The Walking Dead,according to an announcement made by the producers at San Diego Comic-Con. The new 3-minute trailer of the premiere left some viewers angry and confused, and some even stated they would no longer watch if this one or that one wasn’t still alive and well. The show is set to premiere on Sunday, October 23, at 8p.m Central time on AMC.

How many of the 11 will survive?

Last year’s season ended with 11 people kneeling in front of Negan, waiting on their future, or lack thereof as he decided which one to kill.

Viewers were left hanging as they cheered for one or another to survive. The trailer didn’t allow one glimpse of any of the 11 people, so avid Walking Dead fans are still uncertain as to who will be on this seasons show and who met their fate against Negan.

It seems as if everyone has their favorite and some say they will no longer watch if their character doesn’t return. The producers of the trailer played their hand well by building yet even more suspense. Even if certain fans stop watching after the season premiere of The Walking Dead,that first night will certainly have a large audience.

'The Walking Dead' has a huge fanbase of all ages

Since the premiere of the show in October of 2010, The Walking Dead has continued to attract a wide array of fans. Families watch the show together and children imitate the gait of the "Walkers” or Zombies on the show. Much of its popularity can be attributed to people’s fascination or fear of the much talked about Apocalypse, when real Zombies may walk the earth.

Whatever causes this show to be so popular, you can be assured that millions will be sitting in front of their television on October 23 for the premiere. Ifthey will be cheering that their favorite character survived, or groaning because they didn’t, still remains to be seen. The show will be introducing new characters and territories, so perhaps if a favorite character didn’t make the cut, a new one can be chosen.

Maybe fanswill like King Ezekiel, played by Khary Payton, or maybe fans will adore his pet Tiger, Shiva. Maybe fans will even feel welcome in his Kingdom…then again, maybe not. Be sure to mark your calendars and don’t miss out.

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