In the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, Negan made his grand entrance. While fans were expecting his arrival, Rick Grimes and the other characters were not. Surprise soon turned to terror as the TWD villain made his intentions clear. Recently, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed that his character is going to change the entire show. In a nutshell, he is going to make the group vulnerable and spend his time victimizing the Alexandria residents.

'The Walking Dead' will be a whole new show in season 7

Negan is going to change everything. Until now, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group thought the world was pretty small. In season 7, they will discover that they only experienced a small slice of what is out there. It was teased that the television series will have a completely different feel for it. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character is different than any other villain seen on the AMC zombie apocalypseTV show. This guy is nothing compared to previous villains and fans should be very worried about their favorite characters.

Negan is only getting started in 'The Walking Dead' season 7 premiere.

Recently, AMC aired a "lookback at season 6" special. During the episode, Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene, wondered how things could get any worse. It is being teased that Negan's first victim will not be the only devastating consequence of killing the Saviors. It is just the beginning and Rick Grimes is going to learn that the world belongs to Negan now.

In previous interviews, Morgan hinted that his character has a lot of torment in store for the Alexandrians for the next few years.

'The Walking Dead' characters to be victimized.

Everyone knows that Negan already killed one character in the season 6 finale. The identity will not be revealed until the season 7 premiere, though. It has been a long wait, but fans have been assured that it is worth it.

However, don't expect the killing to stop there. Jeffrey Dean Morgan said that Rick's group will be in a place they have been before. Not only are they "super vulnerable," but the TWD villain will continue to victimize them, including some fan favorite characters. By the end of the season, viewers may be looking at several deaths.

Which characters do you think will die in season 7? Find out when AMC begins airing new episodes of The Walking Dead on October 23.

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