Did someone sabotage Melania Trump by concocting a speech that held very recognizable lines from a speech made by Michelle Obama in 2008? "Your word is your bond" is a saying many rappers use and this was recognized as a "hip saying" Michelle Obama used during the Democrat Convention in 2008, according to The View today.

Melania sabotaged?

As Morning Joe tweets today, they didn't do Melania Trump any justice with this speech. She is a brilliant woman who speaks four languages. Instead of giving her something original to say someone went into Michelle Obamaarchives and lifted lines.

As many people said today her speech was lovely except for the plagiarism part, reports the Daily Beast.

The ladies on The View had a field day with Melania's speech and some of the things that they had to say were actually funny. While Joy Behar said she actually felt sorry for Mrs. Trump because it was like someone was out to get her, or DonaldTrump, byletting her read this speech.

The Viewfinds humor in speech

The ladies on The View pulled apart the speech after they showed side by side clips of what Michelle said and what Melania said. You can see this in the video below. It was just too close to be anything else but copied, which is the general consensus today. After the clips of Michele and Melania played back to back Joy Behar said,“I think you may have missed when Melania said, ‘And Barack and I…’”

'Word is your Bond,' a rapper saying

It was Sunny Hostin who said that she thought Melania was "really hip" because she used the phrase, "Your word is your bond," which is what some of the rappers say.

Hostin said that those same words have been used by "Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and other rappers."

She went on to say..."Melania's from the block, whoa!" This was her first thought when hearing Melania use the phrase. Then once everyone finally realized that Melania was borrowing the words from Michelle Obama, that thought was fleeting. Behar did an impression of Melania, which was a bit degrading.

Using an accent imitating the foreign-born model she said, "Don't send me back to Slovenia, please Donald."

Manafort blames Hillary

It seems that Paul Manafort, who is Donald Trump's campaign manager, first denied the speech was copied from a Michelle Obama speech and then he changed his tune. When talking with CNN, he blamed this on Hillary, but wouldn't elaborate what it was that Hillary did to get Melania to give this speech.

On CNN News Tuesday morning Manafort said“This is once again an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton she’ll... take her down." What does this mean? Is he suggesting Hillary's camp planted the speech?

It is Melania who is the victim here, she is too smart to get up on stage and echo Michelle Obama's words as her own. She must have been furious to think whoever is responsible for this was trying to make a fool out of her. Someone other than Melaniahad to eye this speech before she went on stage and delivered it, the question is who?

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