Yes, this is going to be a doozy. A talent agent’s main job is to make money for themselves and for the people they have already taken on as their “talent”. It takes a certain kind of person to be a talent agent, or agent of any sort in the entertainment business. However, the term “talent agent” is a poor description of what these people really are. They are, in fact, money agents. Or dementors,. Probably both.

Money Agents.

A talent agent gets into the entertainment business for the opposite reason that an actor, writer, artist, musician, poet, and every other form of entertainer does. They just want the money.

When it comes down to it, all they want is to get gigs for their clients that will make them earn the most money. All an agents cares about it is a personal profit. A young writer or actor who goes on any of the websites for agencies will find a spiel of lies. “We provide the best representation for our clients,” or, “Our clients come first.” Another example, “We wants to further your career.” How about this one? “At Blah Blah Blah Agency, you are family.” Lies. Lies. Lies. Agents are like the Dementors from Harry Potter. They suck all of the creative life out of every client they sucker into their little world, drain them of everything they have got, and once the person is used up, they drop them like millennials dropped Bernie Sanders at the polls.

They have the control.

They just want to survive. To thrive! To be able to own houses across the world and own five Lamborghinis and make infomercials about how “you can be rich, just like me!” Money Agents take the easy way out. Money Agents use other people. Money Agents run the artistic world. They control who gets in and out of show business.

Look at J. K. Rowling, for instance. She almost did not get Harry Potter published, and now she has a Theme Park. Do you realize how many J. K. Rowling’s there are in this world,getting turned down by agents because “they don’t think they are the right choice for the agency?” No, they don’t think that person can make them enough money.

Real Agents.

Real agents actually care about their clients. They do not simply say that they care, when in reality they do not give a damn if the person is alive or dead. Actually, let me change that. They do care, because if their client is dead, then that means less money. Real agents see their clients as people, not products. Real agents want to help people with real talent share their skills with the rest of the world. Real agents want to help their clients not only survive in the entertainment business but thrive in it. Real agents protect their clients from paparazzi, from failing, from bad movie roles or publishing offers. An example of this that I have seen recently was from Innovative Artists.

I wanted to interview the phenomenal Daniel Davis, but he was out of town. It wasn't even the agent, but the agent's assistant, who emailed me back and said, "I'm sorry, but Daniel is unavailable to do this interview. He is currently out of town. We hope you understand." They are keeping Daniel's vacation just that: A vacation! Also, real agents are in the threatening, cut-throat game of show business to bring and share amazing, mind blowing, beautiful talent to the world. Real agents want to bring magic back to the people.

To all young, talented people: Be careful.

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