Blade Runner

In science fiction, no one is better known than Phillip K. Dick. Many of his books were turned into movies that most would recognize. Movies such as Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, were all adaptations of his novels. Having read most of his books, I have been a fan for years.

When Maer Wilson asked if I'd review her biography, I was somewhat reluctant because I generally read for the escape it provides. However, I was intrigued.

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Phillip K. Dick has a somewhat unusual aura that continues to surround his writings long after his passing. Many people see him as some sort of medium. After some dental surgery and the drugs that go along with it, he saw a pink light that shared information with him and it was this pinkish glow that grew into legend. Dick's writings were eclectic.

He was a sometimes philosopher, poet, futuristic medium, as well as a difficult husband, and father. However, Wilson taught me that he was a wonderful if unusual friend. I can only wish I was a part of their group.

My review

***** Five Stars

Maer Wilson, a theatrical actress still in college and pursuing her major, answered her door one night to find her neighbor across the hall, whom she knew, and an older gentlemen standing outside. She and her roommate were in the middle of a project neither wanted to be pulled away from, so they tried to cut the introduction short. After a few minutes of conversation, the two men asked Maer and her friend out, something Maer wasn't too impressed by, so she put them off to another day while she and her friend went back to dressmaking. It is here I'd like to insert the description of white muslin linen and peasant blouses that Maer describes so well.

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Honestly, I could see and feel the airy material as the two of them cut and sewed.

That knock-on-the-door would define the next ten years of Maer Wilson's life. The older gentlemen was none other than Phillip K. Dick and Maer would soon become his confident, his friend, and on a few occasions, his critic. To Wilson he was not a medium, though he was someone who would act out now and again. In her eyes he was just trying out material for a Book and he wanted to see what reactions his human characters would display. He was eccentric, but what genius isn't. Wilson shares with us the beginning of the pink light mediumship which has a completely different take than most people think. His death is heartbreaking and again, not what most people think. Wilson displays a deep insight into the groupies that surrounded Phillip K. Dick, and it will break your heart.

The biography is superbly well written. Wilson chose an unusual narrative to share her story and it is one I fell into after the first paragraph.

While not the typical biography, I found it refreshing, informative, and emotive. Wilson shares her story with abandon and the reader will find it refreshing. She tells her truth behind the writer and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Tie-dyed dresses and patchouli oil

As an aside, Wilson's writing had my head filled with tie-dyed shirts (my favorites not Maer's) patchouli oil, again, my favorite not Maer's, so much so I went out and bought some, and memories of the 60s and 70s. The Other Side of Phillip K. Dick was a walk back in history, to a place and time I loved. I thoroughly enjoyed Wilson's biography. It is a book I will reread again in the future.

Grab a copy for yourself. You will not be disappointed.