There have been numerous rumors surroundingThe Originals season 4 and time jumps. How else will the show progress now that Klaus has to remain gone for the next three years at least?

How did 'The Originals'season 3 end?

Season 3 of the show didn't quite end as many expected. The Mikaelsons didn't save themselves from the prophecy, as Marcel became the Uber Original Lucien had created. It left the lives of the whole family in the hands of hybrid Hayley and her daughter with Klaus, Hope.

Those who watchedThe Vampire Diaries Season 7 may have expected something to happen to Klaus, at least.

Three years in the future, Caroline paid a visit to New Orleans for help, only to find out that Klaus hadn't been seen for the last three years. It suggested that something would happen to him, whether it was that he would go on the run or that he would be harmed in some way.

What's the plan for 'The Originals' season 4?

Now it looks like it will be more than a three-year time jump for the new season, which won't start until January 2017. It was actually the later scheduling that helped the show push forward with time so much.

Julie Plec, theshow creator, explained that they had some of the freedom to move further forward in time thanThe Vampire Diaries. What does this mean about crossovers? Right now, very little. There are rumors that there will be more crossovers between the two shows, but maybe not the Klaroline ones that fans would like to see. The shows will need to be careful if they are running in different timelines.

The Vampire Diaries led to the news that Klaus was missing, which meantThe Originals fans knew that he couldn't get a happy ending at the end of season 3.

Started filming.

The Originals season 4 has already started filming, despite not airing until January 2017. It is the same scheduling the actors and crew are used to.Containment's Christina Moses has been confirmed as starring in the new season as a bisexual werewolf.

There are also rumors that a female is being cast and may be an older version of Hope. Does this suggest that the timeline will move a decade or more into the future?

What do you think the plans are forThe Originals season 4? Do you like the idea of a bigger time jump compared toThe Vampire Diaries?

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