The cast and executive producers of The Originals attended the 2016 Comic-Con. As with many other television shows, spoilers were released. Fans already knew there would be a time jump, but were not sure how much time would pass. It turns out several years will go by. Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming season of The CW series.

The time jump in 'The Originals'

Fans will not see a small gap in time between the season finale and the first episode of season 4. Instead, expect five years to go by.

That's right, Hope will be older, walking, and even talking. Five years since Klaus Mikaelson fell into an agony-induced coma. Five years since the Mikaelson siblings first ended up on the dreamscape. Five years since Hayley and Hope left New Orleans. There are a lot of questions. One of those is if Hayley has been searching for a cure all of this time or if she gave up.

Where are the bodies in 'The Originals'?

Five years have passed and there is still no cure. However, it seems that Hayley has not given up.

It was teased by TV Line that Hope knows all about Klaus and asks her mother if they are going to save him. It was also revealed that the bodies of Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya are still in the back of the moving truck.

How will Hayley save the Mikaelsons in 'The Originals'?

Hayley's journey in season 4 will be trying to find the seven werewolf packs. It was reported a few weeks ago that Containmentstar Christina Moses would be joining the television show as an openly bisexual werewolf.

However, her entire family was killed and she now tries to live in secrecy. Could she be the last of one of the packs that will help save the Mikaelson family?

Other spoilers for 'The Originals'

What else was revealed about season 4? For one, Vincent's backstory will be told, so that should be interesting. Also, fans will discover if Elijah and Hayley's relationship can survive a five-year separation.

What do you think of what was released during the 2016 Comic-Con? Are you looking forward to The Originals returning with season 4 in early 2017?

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