In "The Infiltrator," Bryan Cranston plays a federal agent who goes undercover to penetrate the Medellín Cartel. The "Breaking Bad" star will go from meth maker to law enforcer in this thrilling true-life drug drama.

Based on true events

"The Infiltrator" follows U.S. Customs agent Robert “Bob” Mazur as he tries to take down Tampa drug dealers in the 1980s. While most agents were chasing cocaine as it flowed into Miami, Florida, Mazur launches his own unique plan to fight the drug war by tracking the money.

A bold plan

Mazur devises a scheme to go undercover posing as money launderer Bob Musella.

His plan will take him from low-level cartel members to the big boss himself, Pablo Escobar. Posing as Musella, Mazur makes a deal with the drug cartel to hide hundreds of millions of dollars in a sophisticated network of legal investments, essentially cleaning the money.

Mazur’s partner, Emir Abreu, reluctantly joins him in the plot. While Mazur is a keen and dedicated family man, Abreu, played by John Leguizamo, is a brash, impulsive street agent who lives to take risks.

Encounter with the shady underworld

With help from an informant named Dominic, Mazur slowly climbs the ranks within the cartel’s organization. The higher he gets the more dangerous it becomes as the drug lords would surely kill him if they ever found out his identity.

Master deceiver

When the undercover agents are offered hookers by one of Escobar’s henchmen, Mazur declines by saying he is engaged to be married. To keep his cover intact, the agent has to convince Kathy Ertz, a rookie agent, to pretend to be his fiancée. Mazur and Ertz, portrayed by Diane Kruger, gain the trust of Escobar’s top lieutenant Roberto Alcaino and ultimately cripple a major hub of the cartel's operation.

Award-winning cast

In addition to Cranston, Leguizamo, and Kruger, "The Infiltrator" also stars Yul Vazquez, Joseph Gilgun, Olympia Dukakis, Benjamin Bratt, and Amy Ryan. Directed by Brad Furman and written by Ellen Brown Furman, the film is based on Mazur’s memoir set in 1986. The Broad Green Pictures release hits U.S.

theaters on July 13.

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