At the half-century anniversary from the beginning of the famous science fiction universeStar Trek, the American toy manufacturer Mattel decided to mark the event by launching a collection of Barbie dolls created to look like the famous characters from the original series. The character chosen are Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, and Uhura.

The dolls are very similar to the characters

The dolls inspired by Star Trek wear uniforms and badges. Spock model offers even the famous Vulcan salute with the fingers apart.Each doll from the famous science fiction TV series created by Mattel costs $34.95.

Mattel's announcement about the dolls comes shortly after ThinkGeek has released a series of bathing suits and shirts inspired by the uniforms from the series Star Trek -- The Next Generation. An accessory like this for the beach costs $60.The swimsuits series Trekini are available in blue (in the movie the uniforms of this color are worn by officers from the Scientific departments), gold (Operations) and red (Control).

Star Trek universe briefly explained

In the universe created by Gene Roddenberry, the three major great powers dispute their supremacy in the Alpha quadrant.

These are the Federation (United Federation of Planets), of which Earth is a part of and a founding member, the Stellar Romulan, and the Klingon Empire.

In 2373, the Federation includes 155 worlds, states, and colonies. The economy organization -- a post-capitalist liberal democracy -- is now considered an utopia. War and poverty have been eradicated long ago on Earth, after humanity had undergone a third world war in which nuclear weapons were used.

Now, individuals from Earth and from other cultures members compete in a race for personal development, not for resources.

Legislative power in the Federation is held by the Federation Council, an unicameral parliament with the headquarters on Earth in San Francisco. The members of the Federation Council are elected in different worlds which are members. The role of this institution is to create, amend, and ratify laws of the United Federation of Planets.

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