The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the episode airing Thursday, July 14 suggest that there will be more issues between Liam and his father, Bill. In the preview seen below, Liam chastises his dad for Katie's shattered state of mind after she found out he was having an affair with her sister, Brooke.

Liam expresses his sheer disgust at Bill

According to the spoilers preview for the next episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam tells Bill that it's interesting he took Will away from Katie because he's worried about his son's well-being given her mental state.

Liam accuses Bill of causing Katie to become paranoid then tell her it was all in her mind. So, not only is Liam disillusioned with his dad for his hypocritical warnings that he respect Steffy and Wyatt's marriage, but he's shocked that Bill would take the son he shares with Katie away from her over a situation he believes he created.

On Monday's episode, Katie was fumed that Bill removed Will from her care. Bill said Will needs "stability" and not "drinking" or "manic behavior." He also warned Katie that if she fights him, that no judge would disagree with him because he has influence over most of them.

Bill doesn't want Will around Katie until she "gets herself together."

Deacon tells Quinn she's lured by the Forrester name

Deacon is the only one who knows about Quinn's affair with Eric and knows she's up to something. Eric likes "bad girls" and is apparently turned on by a little bit of risk. Quinn is making bold stops at the office to surprise Eric in trench coats.It's just a matter of time before this scandal gets out!

When Steffy learns of her grandfather's secret dalliance with her mother-in-law, one can imagine that she'll hit the roof. She keeps telling Wyatt that she wants nothing to do with his mother. She doesn't think there's a snowball's chance that Quinn could get close to her family again after all the pain and trauma she's caused. Wait until she finds out that not even Eric can resist Quinn!

The Bold and the Beautiful airs Monday through Friday in the afternoons on CBS.

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