Blasting News sat down with the charming Sean Kanan to discuss what he has been up to lately, his love for Italy, his experiences with The Bold and The Beautiful and what the future holds for him.

So, how are you enjoying Italy?

I love Italy, I was thinking about it the other day and I can’t even remember how many times I have been here. I was actually living here when I was doing ‘Ballando con le stelle’ and I even got married here! Italy is a very special place for my wife and I and we try to come back every summer.

In Italy we are now watching Deacon becoming Quinn’s ally to free himself from Liam, which story of The Bold and The Beautiful did you enjoy playing the most?

I would have to say the whole story that involved me seducing Bridgett and eventually falling for her, but then ending up having an affair with Brooke and getting her pregnant, that was a terrific story! It is not everyday that a man gets his mother-in-law pregnant!

In The Bold and The Beautiful you a have conflicted relationship with your children. What kind of father are you in real life?

I try to be really authentic with the kids, I am the same person with them that I am with everybody, and I try my best to teach them as much as I can about life through my own experiences. I would say I am a very ‘hands on’ dad. Whenever they need me, I make myself available. I think it is important to let your kids know that they are loved.

Now, with my youngest daughter I am trying to teach her how to think, as opposed to what to think.

With whom of your set co-workers did you mainly bond?

The Bold and the Beautiful always feels like home for me. It was both exciting and yet pleasantly familiar to work with actors like Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook and Don Diamont once again.

How are you spending this time away from Beautiful set? Will we see Deacon in the future?

Yes, there is a lot more. I am currently on holiday but I think I will be back shooting around August time! Meanwhile I have a lot of projects that I have been working on. In particular, I am now the Italian Ambassador for Skinn Cosmetics.

In fact, I was liveHSE24 Italia last Wednesday (27) promoting their products.

There were some rumours about you entering an Italian reality show called "Isola dei Famosi" but we didn’t see you. What happened? Would you like to be part of an Italian show?

It just never manifested. My scheduled for The Bold and Beautiful never permitted me to take that much time off. I would definitely be open to new projects, but now my life is a bit different, I tend to prioritize my wife and my kids. I value my family time a lot, so it gets harder every day, but I am still an adventurous spirit!

You participated in KarateKids III where you played an iconic bully. It is publicly known that you suffered from bullying yourself – was it hard for you to play that character?

It was very hard for me because I am very outspoken when it comes to bullying. I am actually the ambassador for Boo2bullying. We go to the schools and talk to the kids directly. We found out that there is an interesting triangle in all cases, comprised by the kids getting bullied, the kids that are doing the bullying and the kids that are witnessing the bullying. So we talk to them and listen to their stories. I was very moved by these stories, and seeing the support of other kids really gave me hope and optimism. Bullying has become so much stronger now that kids are able to use technology and Social Networks; we need to do something about it.

It’s the holiday season. Which trip did you love the most?

Last summer, Michele and I went to Capri with a few friends and we rented a boat. We also went the island of Sardinia, it was truly so beautiful.

What are your future projects for your fans?

My intention is to continue to work on the Bold and Beautiful, and to continue coming to Italy to represent skin cosmetics. I think I am also going to be starring in another film, ‘Violet’, playing the bad guy. It is a film that deals with human traffic, another important issue today. I also love stand up comedy! When I am not working for the Bold and beautiful I actually tour the United States from one comedy club to another. This year, I wrote a book called ‘The Modern Gentleman’, I would say its a hybrid, its a cookbook but it also has chapters to teach guys how to be better gentlemen and teaches women how men think.

I think people in Italy would really enjoy it because it has a subtle Italian undertone. Finally, my wife and I also produced a short romantic film that is available in YouTube, entitled ‘True colours’.

Last one: You made a video parody about being a soap star. What’s the story behind that?

My wife is my producer and my manager, so one day she said to me: ‘Sean you’ve done cinema, you’ve done soap operas, you’ve done stand up comedy...what is something that you would never think you would do?’ So we came up with the idea of doing a rap video, a friend of mine wrote the music, and next thing I know I was calling all my friends and we had a really fun time shooting it! It’s was a chance to show soap operas in a funny light.

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