Tomorrow night is the big finale ofThe Bachelorette, and one person will end up engaged to JoJo Fletcher. Everyone is excited to hear how this will all go down. It is down to just Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes in the end. Spoilers are out from Zap 2 It, and it turns out that one of the guys will win over JoJo's parents, and they aren't a huge fan of the other guy.

Who do JoJo Fletcher's parents like the best?

JoJo Fletcher's parents will get to meet both Jordan and Robby on the finale. Robby will sit down with them, and he will explain that he wants to marry JoJo Fletcher.

He will actually ask their permission to propose to her. They love that Robby makes this effort and are really impressed by him. This will earn Robby the big approval from JoJo's mom and dad, but it will be up to her to make the final decision tomorrow night. Everyone will have to wait and see who JoJo picks for sure.

Does Jordan Rodgers win them over?

Jordan Rodgers will meet her family as well and when he does he will forget to ask permission. Jordan doesn't talk to JoJo's dad about wanting to propose.

This could have been simply because he forgot, but JoJo's parents are not going to like that about him at all. Spoilers say that JoJo's mom will think that he is a "player" right away. It doesn't sound like they approve of Jordan much from the preview, but it could all turn out a lot better on the show tomorrow night when it airs.

After the finale, JoJo and her final man will sit down onAfter the Final Rose and share what is really going on with them now.

Rumors are that she has already split from the guy she picks, but everyone is waiting to hear it all from JoJo Fletcher herself.

Are you shocked to hear that Robby Hayes is the one who wins over JoJo Fletcher's parents onThe Bachelorette finale tomorrow night? Who do you want JoJo to pick in the end? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Don't miss the finale ofThe Bachelorette on August 1 and the big premiere ofBachelor in Paradise on August 2 on ABC.

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